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One Course Free After Five

MONTH OF APRIL 2021 - One Free Course for those:

1) Who have purchased five or more OnDemand courses

2) Who would be willing to write a review of the program*

*A few sentences on your experience using this site, your opinion of the courses you've taken and any other feedback.  Please include your first name, last initial, town/city and state.


Send your review / feedback to jim@visioneerconsulting.com.

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Tracy Borst, NEMCI&A Chairperson
Jim Ognibene, Program Administrator



NEMCI&A Purpose

The New England Municipal Clerks Institute (NEMCI) is an intensive program of continuing professional education for those in attendance. The purpose is to assist Clerks in developing and maintaining the high level of administrative expertise needed for the successful operation of increasingly complex municipal governments. Population changes, increased municipal responsibilities and extensive social and legislative changes have increased both the difficulty and importance of the Clerk's function. With increased responsibility comes a need for professional education to aid the Municipal Clerk in acquiring the necessary new skills and knowledge, while developing and strengthening those already in use. Over 500 cities and towns have sent Clerks to the New England Municipal Clerks' Institute and Academy.



The New England Municipal Clerks Institute program is a comprehensive education program for New England Clerks.  A division of the New England Association of City and Town Clerks (NEACTC), this program is open to members of NEACTC and beyond.   Additionally, NEMCI is certified by IIMC as an Institute which provides participants with 60 education points for obtaining IIMC’s Certified Municipal Clerk designation.   

 NEMCI’s online courses, both on-demand or webinar format, will not replace or count for any part of the  hours or education of the NEMCI Institute program.  Our Institute program is a set schedule and variety of courses and we do not allow for outside courses (even when offered by us) to count toward the total Institute hours.  The online courses offered by NEMCI are 1 CMC/MMC point for each two hours of class in the IIMC certification education points. 

For information on the IIMC Certification programs, CMC and MMC, please visit their website.