LIVE ZOOM Webinars (earn 1 CMC or 1 MMC point or 2 EPP hours) are held the second Wed of each month: June 12, July 10, Aug 7 (1st Wed), Sept 11, Oct 9, Nov 13, 2024, etc. (Click LIVE WEBINARS below for more info)

2024 LIVE Webinars - June 12, July 10, Aug 7, Sept 11, Oct 9, Nov 13, 1pm-3pm ET

Webinar Pricing & Guidelines

Each webinar will require separate registration.  We typical get 30-40 clerks per session.  Registration closes at 10pm the evening before the webinar begins (no same day registration). Registrations are non-transferable.

PAYMENT METHOD: Paypal is the primary payment method (the system is not set up to enter a credit or debit card outside of Paypal).  Contact Jim ( to learn how to pay by check.

This is a web camera "ON" event. Unless you have a reason why you cant activate you web camera, all WEB CAMERAS need to be on.

Webinars will be 2 hours each running from 1:00pm-3:00pm EST (10:00am-12:00pm PST) and will earn 1 CMC Education or 1 MMC Advanced Education point upon completion of a require learning assessment. Certificates of completion will be issued online to those who complete the learning assessment successfully (70% or better).  There are unlimited re-takes on the assessments.

Webinar facilitator is Jim Ognibene, NEMCIA faculty.  For his bio, please see  You will also find it below each webinar course description.

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Webinar Schedule

Live Zoom Webinars - $60 ea.

Next LIVE Webinar - June 12, 2024

2nd Wednesday of Every Month, 1pm-3pm ET

(with the exception of August 7, 2024, the first Wed)

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Teaching and Training Others

Wednesday, June 12, 2023, 1pm - 3pm



As a municipal clerk, we need to pass along knowledge to colleagues, volunteers and residents of our city/town/village. On a regular basis, we find ourselves needing to learn and teach new systems and procedures, laws, ordinances. In this webinar, we will learn different ways to teach and train others.  This includes both one-on-one training and training groups whether in person or virtually.  We will look at the things to do and say that set the stage for a successful transfer of knowledge. You will get a better understanding of how to reach the cognitive, visual,  intuitive and hands-on domains (hear, see, intuit, do) that makes training others successful. You will learn a four-step training model: plan, prepare practice and present. The facilitator will ask webinar participants to share training tips with each other. The instructor has been teaching and training others for over 25 years leading over 1300 workshops and seminars. Come and participate in the informative and interactive webinar


1 CMC Education or 1 MMC Advanced Education point granted with a passing score (70%) on the assessment. After completing the live webinar, you will receive a link to the assessment via email. With a passing score, you will automatically receive a certificate via e-mail instantly. There are unlimited retakes.