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Visioneer Session Take Aways and Comments

Workshop Feedback

Participant Take Aways

"I have learned to be more transparent with staff.  I am beginning to inform them of details that I had felt were not their concern.  This will make staff feel more invested in their role and feel more like a team."

"I am now giving my staff the opportunity to open up to me and give them the confidence in feeling more comfortable in coming to me with any issues or concerns."

"I have learned that what may be obvious to me doesn’t make it obvious to others I want to always be connecting the dots and never be afraid to share your discoveries with others."

"I am begun to appreciate the opportunity to practice and get another perspective on asking the questions either by framing or in simplicity.  I am now more confident."

"The past two weeks I was successful in working conflicts out with staff and new job roles.  Leading by coaching this particular staff member was difficult but very rewarding because she understands her responsibility and accepts the challenges."

Consulting Clients

“A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of working with Jim in a coaching capacity. He was instrumental in helping me take shape of my life. I was at a crossroads, both professionally and emotionally. I was burnt out after working a dozen years in a career that no longer excited me. And my personal life was stunted, with the bulk of my time spent caring for a sick parent.

Over a three-month period, Jim met with me every few weeks for one-on-one coaching sessions. He created a safe container in which to have challenging conversations. Jim knew the right questions to ask me, and through various thought experiments, he helped me uncover what was blocking me from moving forward. From there, he guided me to take action and effect positive change in my life.

Since these coaching sessions, I have left my job in pursuit of new opportunities in the health and wellness industry. I even recently completed coursework to advance in this new career. I have also begun to prioritize my own self-care. This has resulted in a better work / life balance; allowing myself to ask for help from the
people in my life.

I benefited greatly from Jim’s encouragement. He showed great patience with me
throughout the coaching process, and he held me accountable for staying with this endeavor.

I would highly recommend anyone to seek out Jim’s professional services.”

-Jeff M., Boston

“Jim is always positive and has a glass half full type of mentality. He takes our development very seriously and when we succeed, he feels proud knowing he had a part in our accomplishments”.

-Jim S.

“Jim showed me how to be introspective, he guided us into evolving on a more interpersonal level and on a global level. He caused us to think about ourselves in a more constructive way, but also to think about the world in general”.

-Lisa R.

“Jim helped in my development by being him. He showed me even at work you can still be yourself. Jim was always professional but still able to be himself. It was great to watch and learn from. He is such a positive influence."

-Nancy S.

“Jim’s passion is unmatched by anyone. Jim showed me a true leader doesn’t let his judgement cloud his decision-making process. His dedication to the program, the group and the material showed he not only cared about what was being taught but who he taught as well.”

-Paul C.